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FAQ English

Here you can find information for attending your first lesson. If your questions are not answered here please feel free to get in contact with us.

1. What do I need to attend my first lesson?

 For your first lesson you need:

  • A long-sleeved tracksuit or a Judo Gi (if available)
  • Sandals (for the area outside the mat)
  • Shower gel and a towel

2. Are there courses for beginners?

No, there are no explicit beginner's courses. You can enter the courses at any time. This bears the advantage that you can practice from beginning on at your personal level with advanced partners.

3. When can I start with Aikido?

You can start at any time. There are no "semesters" or anything similar.

4. At which age can I start to attend training lessons?

Each person of age 16 and above can attend the courses. Currently we offer no children's courses.

5. Can women also practice Aikido?

Of course, Aikidô implies no limitations on the gender. To women, Aikidô is often more attractive than other martial arts, due to its harmonic and flowing movements.

6. What does it cost to try out Aikido?

For the first month you can attend the courses for free. If you decide to continue practicing you have to become a club member.

7. I want to learn self-defense - is Aikido right for me?

Although Aikidô's primary target is not self-defense, it is also suitable for this purpose after intense study (as probably most Budo martial arts are). If Aikidô is the right way for you you will only be able to consider after personal practice.

8. What shoes do I need during the lessons?

Aikidô is practiced on mats (tatami). There is no need for shoes or socks during the training (except for the area outside the mat). For the area outside the mat sandals are recommended. For Iaido shoes are required only for outdoor lessons.

9. Are there weapons used in Aikido?

Yes, in Aikidô there are also used training weapons of wood. That is the Jo (wooden lance), the Bokken (wooden sword) and the Tanto (wooden knife).

10. Are there any pre-requisites on fitness or stamina for practicing Aikido?

You do not need a specific degree of fitness or stamina to start with Aikidô practice. Aikidô is certainly quite demanding, especially if practiced at higher grades. Nevertheless it is never intended or performed as competitive sports. With continued practice the necessary condition will evolve in a natural way, amongst others your stamina will also increase.

If you have health concerns or limitations please consult your doctor to clarify the possibility of attending Aikidô courses.

11. What advantages do I have as club member?

As a club member you have the possibility to attend all courses offered at our club. Further advantages are amongst others

  • Possibility for collective orders of equipment (clothing and weapons)
  • Coordination and organisation of seminar journeys (also to foreign countries)
  • Possibility to attend club meetings and events
  • Ensurance during lessons

12. What does the club membership cost?

The club membership costs 16 Euro per month. For persons without or with low income a reduction is possible upon application.

13. How can I become club member?

The most easy way is totalk to the instructors at the next training lesson.

14. Do you practice some sort of meditation during class?

Aikidô is »moving meditation«. What's the meaning of this daring claim? Much awareness should be directed to the movements performed during Aikidô practice. Awareness for the posture, the breath, the partner's Ki ... Deepening awareness naturally leads to meditation.

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